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Nothing pleases me like sweet anticipation...


The screening process is crucial as it establishes a threshold for any future encounters. Only complete, serious and respectful inquires will be considered. If you choose to forego this step, I understand and thank you for your interest.  


Please note that as an established member of my community with a career outside of this business, my privacy is as vital to me as yours is. Your information will not be stored and contact will be limited to email unless specified by you. I have spent many years investing in myself and have cultivated an excellent reputation of proven reliability, discretion and punctuality.


I am available by advanced booking only. Same day bookings are possible, with notice, for outcall only and with prompt screening supplied if we've not met before. Please contact me via my screening form (found below) with your desired date and duration and I will do my best to accommodate. Emails that are rude, explicit or vague will be ignored. I will always get back to you at my earliest convenience. I'm sure you expect a timely reply from me; please do me the same courtesy as my time is limited. 

Thank you for your submission!I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.


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